Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my card not charged immediately?

We do not run your card until we have packaged your order and calculated all costs.  You will never be charged more than what your invoice lists, with the exception of products that a noted to have additional charges.

Why does the Shipping Charge seem too high?

We use a large variety of box sizes, most are boxes we are reusing to be more environmentally friendly.  Due to this, our site may have calculated the shipping in multiple boxes or too large of a box since we can not account for all the sizes we have.  This is the main reason we do not charge your card immediately, as we will find the most cost effective packaging for the desired shipping method, and you will be emailed an updated invoice

Do you offer freight shipping?

Yes we do.  Select the any shipping option and we will contact you on large orders to see if you would prefer freight shipping.  You can also specify that you want freight shipping in the order notes.  We will then contact our freight shipper and get a quote and email it to you

Why does the site URL change to ?

That is the URL for our encrypted server.  This protects all information you enter into our site such as your credit card, to ensure that hackers can not steal it